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FTP service - by Joe onWed Jun 15 23:12:01 2005
The ftp server is having a small conniption fit. The drive for the OS is throwing errors hither and yon. The new server is about 85% ready to go up. Once it's finally up there we'll have even more room for mirroring. Until then. we'll just keep limping along.

WebTrek in limbo - by Joe onSat Mar 6 21:27:07 2004
The status of of WebTrek is currently in limbo. The ftp server will remain up for as long as possible but there's no guarantee how long that will be.

Fedora Linux is available - by Joe onFri Nov 14 03:44:32 2003
The new Fedora Linux is finally available on the WebTrek ftp mirror. See what the future of Linux will look like.

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